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Career Confident offers a range of services to help you move forward and reach your full potential

Career Coaching and Advice

Our career coaching consultations promote self-awareness. This is the starting point from which clarity, direction, goals and plans evolve.  We listen. We don’t follow a set formula or presume to know what success means to you. Learn to self-manage your career.

Job Search Strategies

Job searching is rapidly evolving so let us teach you practical strategies to succeed the first time.  Open up more job opportunities, tap into the “hidden” job market, utilize technology and social media, approach employers and recruiters directly and become a confident networker.

Interview Preparation

Interviews don’t need to be so daunting. Preparation is the key to confidence. Using proven techniques, we will help you put your best foot forward at interviews. This will help you approach the interview with confidence.

Secondary and Tertiary Course and Subject Advice

We know the Australian secondary and tertiary sectors. We help secondary students with VCE subject choices and important decisions regarding VCE, IB, VCAL or an apprenticeship based program. We support tertiary students and help them acquire the “work ready” skills graduate employers seek.

Resume Support, Cover Letters and Portfolios

Our expertise and strong writing skills help give you an edge in today’s highly competitive job market. To stand out to prospective employers and recruiters, your documentation should reflect current best practice and focus on your achievements and points of difference.

LinkedIn and Social Media Profiles

Your online profile sells you. We help you create a strong, marketable profile and avoid common mistakes. Learn how to use social media to your advantage by creating professional development, networking and job opportunities.

Psychometric Testing

Administered appropriately and in the context of careers counselling, vocational testing can be a very useful tool supporting career and course exploration in students and adults.

Career Change and Transition

Change is inevitable. We can help you adjust. Whether you are actively seeking a new career direction or have been prompted to through job loss or changed circumstances, we offer practical, constructive support leading to a more confident, resilient you.

What My Clients Say

  • Before meeting Helen, I was reaching a point where I was almost at a loss as to what direction I should take in order to pursue a new career in the legal sector. I had received so much advice and read so many career-related articles, many of them contradictory, that I had reached saturation point. Helen helped to steer me in the right direction by asking relevant questions and offering very balanced, insightful, and tailored advice. She is a very sincere, helpful, and inspiring person and these qualities shine through in the wonderful service she provides. Following my consultations with her, I felt much more optimistic and driven about my future. I would absolutely recommend her services to all job seekers!

    Tom McManus Web Content Management Specialist
  • Recently I went through a gap between jobs. Through Helen’s experience and writing skills, she was able to listen to my thoughts and concerns and convince me what current employers want to see on your CV and LinkedIn profile. The new CV, along with a punchy personal summary and key words, now stands out to the recruiters and attracts them. I had more many profile views on Linkedin and was back in full time employment within two weeks!I cannot thank her enough for all her wise advice. I highly recommend Helen’s services.

    Roisin Bettany Conference and Events Sales Manager
  • Her friendly but professional style meant that I felt confident speaking to Helen Green and knowing that I was in the best hands. She repeatedly gave me sound advice and guidance as I transitioned between careers. In what can be a difficult time, Helen provided rock solid support. Thank you Helen for being my career guru!

    Sarah Hewitt School Teacher/Writer
  • Helen is the most approachable person I have ever seen. I first met Helen when I was struggling to find a job.  I found her to be kindly and empathetic.  She cheered me up when I was at the lowest point of my life.  The most impressive thing about Helen is her advice WORKS.  Her advice to me started with a big picture approach then moved on to useful practical steps to achieve that goal.  I am very grateful for what she has done for me and would recommend you to see her if you ever need career advice.

    Cecilia Wei Law Graduate, University of Melbourne
  • I am proud to recommend Helen. Helen was truly phenomenal as the Career Programs Consultant at Melbourne Law School. She was always available for students, showed empathy for our problems and often pre-empted the challenges we would face. The Mentor Program she established at Melbourne Law School has benefited students tremendously. It was a huge source of support and guidance for me, particularly as I was studying as an international student with no prior connections in the legal profession.
    It allowed me to establish a network in the Melbourne legal sector, assisted in getting my first legal job and provided me with valuable career advice.

    Shilpa Jain Graduate Lawyer
  • I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. She initiated, developed and managed programs for placing graduate students with mentors in the profession with efficiency, insight and skill. Her sense of the mentoring relationships that would work effectively with benefits for both parties was extraordinary. In part this is due to her own considerable negotiating skills and in part to her knowledge of the legal profession, widely conceived to include the government and community sectors and of the career pathways potentially available to students with particular interests. She also demonstrated a rare ability to work well with a very wide range of people, from students from different cultures, often with significant experience in their own countries, to leaders of the profession. I placed complete trust in Helen Green for these purposes; was never disappointed; and always enjoyed working with her.

    Professor Cheryl Saunders AO Laureate Professor Emeritus, Melbourne Law School, University of Melbourne
  • I have worked with Helen for some years on the Melbourne Law School student mentoring program. Helen has impressed me enormously with her intuitive and acute people management and relationship-building skills. Her 'stakeholder management' is excellent; in particular, she focuses consistently on ensuring that all participants in the program (both mentees and mentors) are getting the most out of it. She is thoughtful in the way she puts mentors and mentees together, and this has really helped to maximise the effectiveness of the program. She has been instrumental in building a program which is the envy of other law schools, and offers students an invaluable insight into the profession.

    Wendy A Harris QC Barrister and Board Director
  • I wanted to find a female careers specialist who was approachable and professional. With Helen I got all of this. I felt so comfortable with Helen. She listened to me, helped me find the best in me and had an amazing way with words. She helped me with an urgent job application, starting from scratch. It was the personal touches Helen put in that helped me get over the line and be short listed for a position with over 80 applications. Very happy!

    Diane Zap Hospital Clerk
  • I didn’t think I needed a careers or employment consultant, but then I met Helen. Helen took the guesswork out of applying for jobs and going to interviews as she knew exactly what standards were required. Helen helped me do a cover letter that stood out and address selection criteria so that I was more focused on what prospective employers were looking for. This process with Helen instilled the confidence in me to impress at interview. Helen is an excellent Careers Consultant and I would recommend her to anyone.

    Jenny Penhall Library Technician
  • Helen generously provided her time to advise and assist us to set up a new, Australia-wide mentoring program for the Society of Construction Law Australia.  Her advice proved invaluable and has supported a program which, in its inaugural year, attracted high calibre mentors and mentees.  We are delighted to have engaged Helen to rerun our program for a second year and, even with Helen's early involvement, it has more than doubled in number.  Helen's considerate and dedicated approach creates the supportive and caring base for our program.  We are secure in Helen's very capable hands and can trust in the highest quality execution of our program in 2016.

    Jaclyn Smith and Rebecca Dickson Society of Construction Law Australia
  • I have been employed in the building industry for over 30 years.I have a trade background but have been working in senior sales management roles for the last 10 years. I wanted someone to look over my résumé, prepare a good cover letter and help me update my LinkedIn profile as I thought they all needed improving.  Helen was recommended to me through a friend. I was so pleased with the results. Helen listened and understood what I was after. Her writing is amazing and I now feel ready to take the next step with my work. She knows what she is doing and I would highly recommend her.

    Con Building Industry
  • As someone entering the work force for the first time, Helen's help was amazing. Helen spent time with me to work through what type of casual job would suit my interests and commitments. Helen helped me prepare my first CV, suggested the best ways to apply for a job and what to do in an interview.  I'm very grateful for her help, kindness and genuine interest in my success. Thanks to Helen I was able to get my first job!

    Sophie - Aged 15 McKinnon Secondary College
  • For anyone who is considering or going through a career change, Helen is the person to help guide you. Helen is warm and approachable with a huge amount of knowledge. I have had 2 sessions with Helen so far and have a new found confidence and direction. I have no hesitation in recommending Helen to anyone needing some assistance with career direction, CV writing, subject choices and personal branding.

    Danielle Zetzer
  • Helen greatly assisted my 15 year old daughter work through what type of part time job suited her best based on her interests and other commitments. She helped my daughter create a great CV even though she had no prior work experience. Helen also assisted with approaches to finding a job and interview skills. All of this meant my daughter was able to confidently secure her first part time job. Couldn't recommend Helen highly enough.

    Judith Mantle Administrator
  • Thank you Helen for reassuring my Year 11 daughter in her future subject selection at school & providing her with positive & informative ideas regarding Year 12, Uni & beyond. Even I learnt something!Loved the relaxed environment & the way in which you approached the topics with my daughter, in what can be quite a daunting time for teenagers.Would highly recommend Helen - a wealth of knowledge!

    Cathy Schmidtke, Parent
  • I found Helen's career advice professional and insightful, she really boosted my confidence in applying for a new job and setting my sights higher. I would really recommend Career Confident to anyone who is setting out on a career journey for the first time, or if you need advice on a career change or the next step.

    Megan Price Facilities Coordinator
  • I can't thank Helen enough for the advice and help she gave my 18 year old Year 12 daughter. Helen was able to give her some fresh ideas and strategies on both uni courses and outcomes in her field of interest. We both came away feeling really positive about her future!

    Sheryl MacKintosh Parent
  • Helen is a true professional. Not only was she warm and very welcoming, but she was very detailed and thorough in her approach. She listened to my story and understood my needs. I was so thrilled with the way she remodeled by CV and cover letter. She has an amazing way with words. I couldn't recommend Helen highly enough!

    Timothy Ross Teacher
  • Numerous visits to the school's career counsellor always resulted in a bunch of brochures, plenty of frustration, more confusion and still no direction with university or career pathways. Helen took the time to listen to my year 12 son in a relaxed, non intimidating environment about his subject likes/dislikes, his passions and his hobbies. She always went the extra mile, researching uni courses and providing him with both endless information and the opportunity of a real hands on experience by arranging a one week stint at a well recognized Melbourne firm. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough for taking all the stress away and helping Lucas find direction for his future at University and beyond. Thank you Helen!

    Elizabeth Filis parent
  • In the midst of a career change, re-training with what I felt was a detrimentally varied career, and not entirely sure what direction to go in, I contacted Helen in the vain hope she might be able to point me in the right direction. Helen has done that and more in just two sessions.First, in helping me choose a direction to put my focus towards in our first session and with clear steps I could take. Second, in blitzing my CV into something that honestly and engagingly presents my background when before it had been more apologetic for my past and not very reflective of me. Third, and completely unexpectedly, in helping me see the value of my career history and increasing my personal confidence.A big thank you to Helen for all of her hard work and generosity.

  • I highly recommend this service. I went along to a session with my daughter not knowing what to expect. She was unsure of which subjects would be the most suitable for the career path she wanted to pursue.My daughter and I were overwhelmed with all the choices that had been presented to us at the school careers night.In one short session Helen was able to determine which subjects my daughter required to complement her career choice.Helen was patient and asked the right questions to draw the information she needed to help my daughter. Helen explained why the subjects were beneficial and where they could lead to if my daughters career choice changed.We left the session feeling extremely confident.

    Sharon Dossetter Parent
  • You feel helped when someone understands your situation and guides you through with achievable, realistic goals. Helen has an excellent skill in doing the same. I migrated to Australia and was confused with career paths. I had 11 years of professional experience prior but it was hard to define and plan my career path in Australia. Helen has done an exceptional task in setting up the right platform that enabled me to plan for the future. She is great at motivating and helping your confidence too.

    Yesudas K S Engineer
  • Meeting Helen has been a life altering experience for me and I highly recommend that anyone who is needing some guidance about his or her career contacts this amazing lady. In our first session Helen was not only able to help me focus on what I want to achieve in my career, but she also outlined the specific steps I need to take to achieve my desired outcome. Helen developed my CV, advised me on what courses to enroll in to improve my skill set, and made me feel confident that I have valuable things to contribute in my field. I am grateful for her advice and approachable manner.

    Cath Johnston Education specialist
  • From the moment I met Helen, it was very clear that she possessed invaluable knowledge of careers, courses and professional development. Helen is very approachable and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her services to anyone looking at their career.

    Fiona H Not for profit sector
  • After being self-employed for a number of years, I re-entered the job market. I needed help and I worked with Helen. She did two specific things that helped me. She showed me what is now expected in the application and interview process and she showed me how to stand out in the crowd. The second thing was that she made me aware of the value that I offered to a business. The outcome was that I was successful in getting a job where I feel valued and where I can add value.

    Gerry M Accountant/Elite Sports Coach
  • Helen helped me completely revise my CV to focus on a new career direction. She listened as I talked about where I’ve been and where I want to go. She helped me to articulate my strengths and achievements and to highlight aspects of my experience to my advantage. Helen is professional as well as approachable and friendly. I highly recommend Helen to anyone seeking career advice.

    Linda James Tertiary sector
  • Helen has been a tremendous help to me in establishing a career path after a work injury. She helped me create a highly professional looking resume, write engaging cover letters, and get more callbacks for interviews. Helen has been a great support throughout this change in my life and given me renewed confidence in my career potential. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for guidance and support in their professional lives.

    Alan Martin Retail
  • Helen is a very approachable woman, and her wealth of knowledge and experience in career change/search is one of her greatest assets. She will go the extra mile to ensure you are ready to hit the job market and stand out from the crowd. I am very grateful for the time and effort she spent helping me

    Hannah F Commerce graduate
  • Helen was wonderful to work with. She provided clarity and helped me focus on the next step in my career. Helen was fabulous also in introducing new career streams that I hadn't considered before. She was very accommodating and assisted me at short notice which was much appreciated. Highly recommend her services.

    Cate Murray Communications
  • Helen is brilliant! She sensitively navigated my career confusion and insecurities, and then went on to offer many useful ideas, insights and advice. This gave me the reassurance that an exciting new phase of my working life lay ahead of me. I have now made a successful career change thanks to Helen's expertise.

    Mark Bradley
  • Helen helped out our son enormously with finding employment in his chosen career. After he had endured many knock-backs, she gave him confidence, plus a whole raft of practical tips for improving his resume, his presentation and his interview skills. That he has just landed his first full time job is in no small part due to Helen's input

    Peter Johnson Engineer

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Rhianna Gallagher
Rhianna Gallagher
01:53 31 May 20
I contacted Helen at the end of high school seeking advice to help navigate the broad and often daunting array of university options, where she has since guided me to apply for the courses that align with my interests. Helen’s vast experience and approachability greatly assisted me in having the confidence to explore possible career paths that I am passionate about, and equipped me with the knowledge of what to expect in these areas; which was extremely helpful when it came to applying to universities I didn’t have the opportunity to visit beforehand. She has always been generous with her time and her warmth in our sessions made it very easy to work through possible future plans with her. I hope to keep learning from her into the future as I progress through university and into the workforce, and would definitely recommend Helen to any other student seeking advice to begin working towards their career beyond school.
Tara-Rose Cimino
Tara-Rose Cimino
07:21 27 May 20
Amazing!Helen went above and beyond not only to help me make a decision but she really did get to know me in my one hour chat with her. She is so easy to get along with and so so helpful! Helen also did extra work to help me after our chat sending me resources and helping with my application ! Amazing.
Olivia Toms
Olivia Toms
12:11 21 May 20
I contacted Helen when I was looking to move further into an industry that I was deeply passionate about. Having also been temporarily stood down from my job following the Covid-19 outbreak, I sought advice around what courses to look into, what jobs to apply for and where to look for those jobs. I also sought advice around improving my resume. I was so impressed with Helen's knowledge of and experience with many industries and I gained plenty of 'inside information' around the application and recruiting process that I otherwise would not have known. Helen was polite and professional and from our conversation over the phone, I felt that she had gained a very good sense of who I am as a person. She was always incredibly efficient with getting any jobs done for me - such as proofreading my CV, and also in responding to my emails and questions - which was done with incredible patience and detail. I would absolutely recommend Helen to anyone out there who is seeking professional advice and direction. I now have a clear plan in place that will help me get me to where I want to be in my career.
Alicia Mugavin
Alicia Mugavin
04:23 21 May 20
I would highly recommend Helen for anyone needing support with a career change. Helen is professional, genuine, bubbly and very knowledgeable. Thank you Helen for your support.
Shayna Marinucci
Shayna Marinucci
02:16 02 Apr 20
Helen was fantastic, very informative and had some really great suggestions for me when I relocate to Hong Kong to start a new career in the events and marketing industry. She is very knowledgeable and I would recommend her to anyone who needs career support within Australia and in the international market.
Anthony McQuire
Anthony McQuire
10:04 23 Mar 20
I have recently commenced seeing Helen to assist me in my future career direction. Helen has been extremely supportive and provided some excellent guidance in relation to where my future career progression could lead using my strengths and experience. In doing so she has provided clarity at a time where I felt confused and lacking in direction. I would highly recommend Helen and her services.
Sharleen D’Cruz
Sharleen D’Cruz
09:54 12 Feb 20
Helen was very insightful and so easy to talk about my next career move. She offered guidance and helped me make my change. I would definitely be seeing her again in the future and would 100% recommend her to my family and friends. Thank you Helen!!
Hanna Psomoulis
Hanna Psomoulis
05:55 09 Feb 20
I attended a consultation with Helen back when I was finishing high school; when I needed advice throughout my tertiary studies years later I scoured my emails to make sure I could find the same Helen again. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable, but her calm and easy-going demeanour put me right at ease. I recommend her to everyone I know. Definitely worth a visit!
Mimi Brown
Mimi Brown
23:00 20 Jan 20
After being on maternity leave with my third child, I felt a little lost when it came to getting my career back on track. After chatting with Helen for just an hour, I instantly felt like a weight had been lifted. Full of knowledge, experience and support, Helen is now helping guide me onto the career path for me. Thank you Helen!
Clio Kaitatzis
Clio Kaitatzis
02:12 16 Dec 19
After being in the high-end retail sector for over a decade and looking to completely change careers at a later stage in life, Helen helped me go through many options and possibilities and gave me the confidence to explore my new found direction in life. If you find yourself not knowing what to do or choosing the best direction for yourself, Helen can help! She's warm , professional and highly skilled. Best decision i made in a long time.
Simone Chin
Simone Chin
10:23 24 Nov 19
My Year 11 son had an initial 90 minute consultation with Helen Green. It was most helpful for him to self identify areas where he might need support and to discuss his path forward academically in general. Helen was very strategic demonstrating options and strengths. We look forward to continuing to work with Helen over the next 12 - 24 months as we begin exploring a plan for the future. Highly recommended.
Jason S
Jason S
09:59 16 Nov 19
Reasonably priced, great advice and really authentic service. Had been putting it off for a while and was not disappointed. I would highly recommend. Responsive to emails and was able to book in fairly quickly. Comfortable environment modelling great authenticity.Easy payment options (bank transfer/cheque).Recommended to send in a resume or CV prior to appointment.Overall, a very motivating session that left me feeling much clearer about the future and gave me more answers about a suitable job than any career test could.
Tania Souki
Tania Souki
08:33 15 Nov 19
Helen is such an amazing and caring woman who loves to help people of all ages find their path and passion in life. Thank you Helen for helping my son understand what he loves doing and what he needs to do to achieve his goals as he was a little lost. He is so much happier knowing which way to go. Love your work my dear 🙏😊
Isaac Sanderson
Isaac Sanderson
09:25 29 Oct 19
As a disillusioned 20 year old having studied online for 2 years, Helen has provided me with renewed confidence and assisted me to establish a valuable sense of direction going forward with my academic studies. Helen went above and beyond what I had expected, and the experience was truly invaluable. I thoroughly commend her services to anyone looking for careers guidance.
Chanel Fanning
Chanel Fanning
07:49 22 Oct 19
I couldn't possibly speak more highly of my experience with Helen.As a student, graduating from university there was a lot of uncertainty about my career and where my degree could take me. An hour with Helen was enough to reassure me that I have a lot of options available to me. Following the initial consultation, she also takes the time to make sure you are equipped with all the information you need to make an informed decision about where you should go next.Helen was thorough, professional, generous and considerate with her service. I highly recommend her if you're experiencing uncertainty with school or your career.
Andrew W
Andrew W
22:10 18 Oct 19
Helen has been incredibly helpful in assisting me to find the right path for myself. After two sessions I have come away with much more clarity around my new direction, what I need to do to make my career transition, and what my strengths are as a professional. I feel much more confident in applying for new types of roles and realise the scope of what I can do is much greater than I had thought. Her resume tips and tweaks have also been extremely valuable. Highly recommended.
Trish Andrews
Trish Andrews
11:05 08 Oct 19
Meeting Helen and exploring career options with her has been one of the best decisions I have made this year. Her holistic and understanding approach ensured highly productive discussion.Helen’s affirming and engaging style helped me to build a more positive attitude and reestablish my confidence. After 2 sessions I had a much clearer sense of direction. Would highly recommend....
Rhys Allan
Rhys Allan
09:30 08 Oct 19
I found Career Confident from the excellent Google Reviews, but was really hesitant to reach out. However, after just a single meeting with Career Confident I had absolute clarity about my strengths and career path going forward. Helen knew all the right questions to ask and unearthed skills and attributes that even I didn't recognize about myself. Highly recommend!
Laura Bonham
Laura Bonham
07:58 23 Sep 19
Helen was immensely helpful in working with me on my tertiary preferences. Her down-to-earth manner, coupled with her vast knowledge of the courses I am interested in, make her an excellent career advisor. Helen worked out what my personality is like and was able to determine whether it complemented the courses I am interested in. I am now very happy and confident with the preferences I have made - Year 12 student
00:17 23 Sep 19
Helen helped me tremendously. I am currently in year 12 and was feeling overwhelmed with making decisions about careers and preferences. Helen was simply amazing and reassured me and help me understand the different courses I was considering. I came out feeling very revealed and reassured with what preferences I was going to put down. I highly recommend anyone who is struggling or just needs a helping hand with what they are planning on doing to book an appointment with her.
Julie Ng
Julie Ng
23:52 05 Sep 19
Helen has been absolutely incredible with providing me guidance and advice. I have been struggling with work, and she has been so supportive and empathetic with regards to my situation. I have been to other career counsellors before, and none of them have gone beyond the call of duty like Helen has. Thank you once again Helen, and I will definitely come back to you for your advice and wisdom.
Sophia M
Sophia M
02:03 04 Sep 19
When I first visited Helen, I felt stuck and unsure of my career direction. Helen is naturally empathetic and very good at asking the right questions in order to suggest directions to explore. I recently visited her again for help with study options. After the session, I felt much more confident in the direction I was going and the courses to look at. I would highly recommend!
Mellita Hunter
Mellita Hunter
02:30 30 Aug 19
Helen has been terrific. She was contacted on short notice regarding assistance with a scholarship application and course advice, and she was so accommodating and helpful. Her years of experience, ability to understand a situation, empathy and professionalism is second to none. I can't thank Helen enough.
Cameron Brattle
Cameron Brattle
00:03 27 Aug 19
"30 year old lost in the woods" is how I first described myself to Helen and with her huge amount of knowledge and experience in different sectors, coupled with her natural empathy and understanding, she was able to identify the perfect sector for me individually to forge a new career path. She's extremely thorough but laid back and comfortable, and I would advise approaching a meeting with her with a brutally honest and concise recollection of yourself, your work experience and personality traits to maximise the outcome for yourself and give her the information (that may not seem relevant at the time) as she has a worldly view and will take all elements into thought and consideration. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.
Judith Mantle
Judith Mantle
03:24 17 Aug 19
Back again with my second teen! After the wonderfully supportive and professional work Helen did with my daughter, I knew this was the place to take my son for assistance with career and study direction - and additionally for helping him land that important first job. Helen's knowledge is immense. This, combined with her compassion, positive outlook and genuine love for setting students up for success means should be your first call for advice. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough. Go ahead and give her a call. You will be so glad you did.
Lachlan Fenwick
Lachlan Fenwick
05:56 16 Aug 19
Our son was gently guided through a well thought out process to tease out his likes, dislikes and interests. He was guided to a set of possible outcomes that he, and we, were comfortable with and which are very much his own choices. We are very grateful for the tact, skill and professionalism of our consultant.
Emily Angus
Emily Angus
05:55 08 Aug 19
Helen was so helpful, welcoming and optimistic. She was able to open my eyes to potential careers I wasn't even aware of and find a match that suited my personality, work traits and skill set!! Could not recommend her enough if you are needing any careers advise!!
Bron Elmore
Bron Elmore
09:28 02 Aug 19
Helen is knowledgeable, practical and very approachable. Through a wide ranging discussion Helen helped my daughter to understand & appreciate her current skills and also to identify potential further study directions that suited her potential and interests. As a parent I highly recommend Helen - her assistance came just at the right time and has helped give our daughter confidence in committing to a new and interesting study path. Helen's warm personality makes her very easy to talk to - she's delightful!
07:42 02 Aug 19
I am so grateful to Helen for helping me choose the right subjects and right university course for me! Her warming and welcoming personality paired with her expert knowledge ensured I left my appointment feeling much more confident about my future opportunities. Would recommend her to every single student I know!
Cindy Perzuck
Cindy Perzuck
08:42 01 Aug 19
Helen has been fantastic in boosting my daughter's confidence in relocating from Overseas into her local high school. Helen has assisted with identifying my daughter's strengths, choosing subjects and long term career options. A great stepping stone, we will definitely be using Helen's services for our other children.
Samantha Reynolds
Samantha Reynolds
03:14 21 Jul 19
Helen went above and beyond to help me update my CV after a career break raising my 4 children. Her knowledge, professionalism, encouragement, advice and understanding, gave me the confidence to start applying for jobs. She also helped me with the cover letter. I highly recommend Helen for all your career needs. She is simply amazing!
Michelle Dong
Michelle Dong
04:13 12 Dec 17
I struggled with career change for quite a few years by now. Having worked in big Corporations for almost two decades, I found myself no longer satisfied with my job, yet feeling very lost about what to do next. I found Helen on internet – was very impressed by the numbers of positive reviews she has. It was exactly what I need – Helen very quickly pointed out that I have been over-analysing about career change, her outstanding communication skill allows her to convey the message in the way that I felt really understood. She is also very resourceful and provided me many insightful options to consider. With her help, I have now gained clarity of what to do next with a concrete action plan for the next 3 months! Thank you Helen!
Kate Sloggett
Kate Sloggett
04:46 08 Dec 17
Making an appointment to see Helen was one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. Helen gave me volumes of information, guidance and tips to navigate the complex online job seeking environment. I regained my confidence in the short term and have begun to map out the long term. And I landed a job!
Dhea Bartlett
Dhea Bartlett
04:10 30 Nov 17
Highly recommend Career Confident for anyone needing career help. Helen Green's professional industry knowledge is complimented by her ability to help people help themselves. She helped my adult son navigate an important career decision when he was at crossroads and he is now more focused and happy.
Cally Martin
Cally Martin
02:56 21 Nov 17
Definitely a well named business. I have been applying for positions this year to no avail, and eventually contacted Helen from Career Confident. I left the first session absolutely more confident, not just in my own value as a job candidate, but in my ability to navigate the modern job market. In our sessions we covered everything from my CV to strategically assessing my LinkedIn profile, all the while getting to the core of what sort of career path I want to follow. Thank you Helen for your expertise and advice.
Alan Martin
Alan Martin
10:43 23 Jul 17
Helen has been a tremendous help and support to me in establishing a career path after a work injury. She helped me create a highly professional looking resume, write engaging cover letters, and get more callbacks for interviews. Helen has been a great support throughout this change in my life, and given me a renewed confidence in my career potential. I highly recommend her services to anyone looking for guidance and support in their professional lives!
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Our director, Helen Green is a careers writer whose work has featured in the media, and in careers publications. She has strong professional credentials which include over two decades of experience in senior education, research and career program management roles. Helen Green has postgraduate qualifications in Career Development and Education and Criminology, together with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons). Helen is certified to administer psychometric vocational testing. At Career Confident you can be truly confident that Helen will work hard on your behalf. It would be Helen’s privilege to work with you and help you manage your career now and into the future.

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