Career Confident Pty Ltd Terms and Conditions 

All visitors to the Career Confident website and clients acknowledge and agree to the following.

Limitation of Liability

This website is created and controlled by Career Confident and can be amended at any time without notice.  Career Confident is not responsible for any difficulties you may encounter accessing our site. Whilst every effort is made to avoid errors, the information contained on our website may contain inaccurate or typographical errors. Therefore whilst we operate at a high standard, Career Confident cannot guarantee the complete accuracy of any information, opinion or advice published on our website. Visitors to our website, clients and prospective clients, should be aware that any suggestions, advice, opinion or vocational reports provided during, prior to or subsequent to your consultation are advisory in nature only and cannot in any way be a guarantee of success of any proposed career path. Career Confident is in no way responsible for the success of your resume or any documentation we produce on your behalf in consultation and collaboration with you.  You acknowledge that any report or document produced is based on information provided by you therefore we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Clients retain ownership of their documentation and are ultimately responsible for the accuracy contained therein. Whilst we will work with you to the very best of our ability, Career Confident does not and cannot guarantee you will find a job, interview or employment success. Any vocational assessment tool (and resulting report) you undertake whilst a client with Career Confident is a guide only, to be explored and discussed during your consultations with us. It is not and should not be considered the sole determinant of career or lifestyle related decisions.

Privacy Policy

Privacy protection is important. The information we obtain about you is kept strictly confidential in line with professional practice standards. Client files are appropriately secured. If you are a visitor to our website, you should be aware that we might monitor traffic to the site.

Computer Security and Viruses

Career Confident is not responsible or liable in any way for any viruses that users of our service may acquire as a result of using our service. Whilst we ensure to the best of our ability that our systems and services are protected, we cannot be held responsible for any disruption of service. We cannot be held responsible for the safety and security of external links, documents or websites we might refer clients to.


We have professional credentials and make every effort to meet and exceed client expectations; however we do not offer refunds on any of our services.

Conduct of Client and Practitioner

At Career Confident, we adhere to the professional standards required of a Careers Practitioner. We expect the client-consultant relationship to be a positive and constructive one. We will not tolerate aggressive, obscene, degrading or inappropriate conduct. We reserve the right to suspend service to a client at our discretion without a refund of fees.

Payment of Fees

Fees published on the Career Confident website are subject to future change at our discretion. Where a change occurs, clients are charged at the rate published on the website or provided to them at the commencement of their consultations with us. Fees for our services must be paid by the due date on the invoice issued to you.

Cancellation Policy

We understand there are sometimes valid reasons why a client may need to cancel and reschedule an appointment. However we ask that where possible, sufficient notice is given. We do not charge a cancellation fee for the first cancellation; however should a second cancellation occur with less than 24 hours’ notice; a cancellation fee may be charged. If a client repeatedly cancels appointments without a valid reason, it is at the discretion of Career Confident to suspend services.

Copyright and Trademark Information

Career Confident reserves all rights in the content and design of this site. Unless permitted in writing by Careers Confident, you may not reproduce material, logos or other material on this site.